Clubhouse Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that come up all the time. Please see below the top questions I always get asked on Clubhouse!


The more you use the app, the more invites you get. Just simply by participating with the app you will be rewarded with more invites.

Unfortunately, no. Once you send out an invite, it’s gone, and you can’t get it back.

Not sure to be honest, just keep using the app and you will get more invites as time goes on.

You can’t send invites via email unfortunately. The only way to send them is via text.

Nope, pending invites do not expire or disappear. They just kind of live in limbo forever.


To create a club, go to your profile, scroll to the bottom where it says “members of”. The scroll to the right of that section. You should see a button that look like a plus sign +. Press that and it should take you to the page to start a club.

If you don’t see the plus sign you need to update your app.

A room is where a conversation takes place, and a club is a space where you can host a series of conversations with other participants. Think of a club as Ted-Ex, we are all familiar with the logo and the format of their talks, that’s the club. The random talks they have on different subjects hosted by different people, that’s the room! (I hope this makes sense lol)

Think of followers as the lowest levels of access and members having a higher level. There are 3 differences:

• If you are a member of a club you have access to member only rooms. Followers of the club will not be able to see these rooms as they don’t have access.

• Members of a club can also create rooms under clubs that have the “Let Members Start Rooms” feature turned on.

• Members of a club have the club’s logo at the bottom of their profile. This is pretty much free advertising for the club.

There is no specific waiting time, the requirement is that you are active on the Clubhouse. The team have not specified what “Active” means. The only thing I can suggest is, continue to use the app, talk in rooms and have fun. Before you know it, you will be able to create a club.

Unfortunately, there is no way to have 2 clubs host a room together. Maybe this will happen in the future.


It means you are new! The party hat emoji will be there for the first 7 day you are on the app. It a way to identify new people.

To invite someone into room you can ping them by using the plus sign in the lower right hand corner of you screen. You can search for a person or swipe though the list, once you find the person you are looking for, click the photo of the person you want to invite to the room. Their profile picture will then turn grey, this means you have sent them an invite to them.

Alternatively you can hit the share button to share a link to the room on other social media platforms with friends.

PTR means “Pull to refresh”. You can do this when you are in a room by finding a blank white space, holding your thumb on the blank space and swiping down. You will then see a loading circle appear at the top of your screen and this will refresh the room. It’s done for these 2 reasons:

• When someone changes their profile picture, you won’t be able to see it until you PTR.

• If someone leaves the stage and comes back, they will return to the bottom of the stage. However, if you PTR they will return to the position they were in when they first entered the stage.

You cannot link any other social media apps other than Instagram and Twitter. This may change in the future but that’s just the way it is currently.

The hallway is the first page you see when you open the app. It’s where all the rooms are located on Clubhouse.

When people are flicking their mute button on and off, it means they are applauding someone. This is a silent way to show appreciation for what someone is saying.

Trolls exist on all social media apps, if a troll comes on your stage there are 3 things you should do:
  1. Move them to the audience, if they are in the audience, they can no longer cause problems.

  2. Report the user. This can be done by pressing and holding the trolls profile pictures and selecting the 3rd option from the top “Report for trolling”.

  3. Acknowledge the situation and then get back to the conversation at hand. Don’t let trolls ruin a conversation that you have created, this can happen to anyone. Bounce back, it will all be fine.
If they leave the room before you can report them hit the 3 horizontal buttons at the top of the screen then tap “report recent speaker”. Find the trolls profile and press trolls name and you will see the option “Report a Trust & Safety Incident”. Fill out the form and then hit submit. This will ensure the Clubhouse team take action.

People generally follow people that they like. If you are going into rooms that you have an interest in, talking on subjects that you like and adding value to the conversation. People will follow you. It’s really that simple.

To search for clubs hit the magnifying glass in the top left hand corner of the hallway. This will take you to the “Explore” page. On the explore page, tap the search bar and toggle from people to clubs. Type in any text and this will allow you search for clubs.

Yes, Clubhouse has rules and they are updated regularly! You can find them by clicking this link.

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